Advent Wreath Dinner



Sunday the 28th of November will be the first Sunday of Advent.

This year we will at last be able to host our annual Advent Wreath Dinner, with some changes. See the letter from Brenda ChandraRaj, event coordinator, below:


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hope you and your families are well. 


Sunday the 28th of November is the first Sunday of Advent. To bring families together in preparation for the Advent of Christmas, this year we will be hosting our much loved Women’s Guild sponsored Advent Wreath Evening after two long years, on Sunday, Nov. 28th at 4:30 PM at our Holy Family Hall.


But this year will be a little different. 


Due to supply chain issues that have led to very low supplies, we have limited wreath kits. We have 2 different sizes - Our usual 10.5” oasis kit for $30 and smaller 8” oasis kit for $25. Please RSVP as soon as possible to avoid disappointments latest by November 20th.


Instead of the usual Buffet Pot luck, families will bring food only for their own table (you can coordinate with families you may be sharing a table with). Coffee and tea will be provided by the Women’s Guild.


To register for this Family Advent Wreath Evening, please contact the Rectory (203) 322-3722 or email me with the number and size of the wreath kits you would like to purchase, the number of people attending, and the family/families you would like to be seated with. 


If you’re unable to attend but would still like to order a wreath kit do let me know. 


Please do not send in any checks or cash to the rectory until we confirm we have a wreath kit available for you. 

Do let me know if you have any questions.

Thank You,

Brenda ChandraRaj

click here to email Brenda




Each kit will contain:


  • an oasis wreath, 10.5" for $30 or 8" for $25
  • 4 candle holders,
  • 1 pink and 3 purple 12” taper candles with matching satin ribbons
  •  boxwood greens.
  • instructions on how to make the wreath (also available below on this page)

Wreath kits may be ordered by calling the rectory at 322-3722 during normal rectory hours




ADVENT WREATH assembling Instructions

1. Submerge the provided 10.5” green oasis ring (including the green plastic plate) in water for 30 minutes at least.
2. Insert the 4 provided green plastic candle holders into the oasis ring equidistant from each other (like a cross)
3. Break the English boxwood greens into 3 to 5 inch small pieces and insert them into the oasis ring.  Arrange them on the outside, top and inside of the ring to totally cover the oasis ring.
4. Insert the 3 purple and 1 pink taper candles into the candle holders.
5. Tie the provided 3 purple and 1 pink ribbon into bows lower down on the appropriate candles.
6. Light each purple candle on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Sunday of Advent and the pink candle on the 3rd Sunday of Advent. 
7. Happy and Blessed Advent to you and your families.


download and print these instructions





2018 event photo
2018 event photo

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