Rainbows for All Children

Guiding Our Youth Through the Storms of Life

Rainbows helps children & teens who are grieving the loss of a parent or guardian whether from death, divorce, deployment, illness, or other trauma.

Children learn that they can move through their grief, that significant loss or traumatic change does not need to hurt forever


Rainbows is a 14-week, structured, age-appropriate, and confidential program, for ages 3-18 years, providing a non-clinical approach, with a compassionate companion and peer support.

Rainbows is free for all participants, and welcomes children from all economic, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.



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 Rainbows helps children and teens grieve and grow after loss, and gives them the opportunity to develop appropriate coping skills for life. They can speak about their feelings in a small group setting with others their own age who are experiencing similar life changing events. They can share their story in a loving, accepting, and emotionally safe environment.

 Rainbows is not counseling or therapy; rather it provides a non-clinical approach, with a compassionate companion and peer support. Unlike individual therapy, participants are able
to grieve, communicate and heal together. They no longer feel alone in their grief.

 Rainbows is a 14-week, structured, age-appropriate program which helps children and teens navigate grief, and heal the wounds of loss by talking, sharing stories, group activities & games, keeping personal journals, and creating keepsakes. Coordinators and facilitators are trained and accredited by Rainbows. Each group comprises 2-8 participants and meets weekly for 25-45 minutes, depending on age.


For more information and to register for Rainbows at Holy Spirit email us at rainbows@holyspiritstamford.org
or call 203-322-3722


Founded in 1983, Rainbows has more than 9000 sites in over 17 countries and has served over three million children and teenagers worldwide. Rainbows is a member of the National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC).
For more information about this international organization visit www.rainbows.org


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Rainbows recognizes that confidentiality is very important to participants and their families. Whatever is shared in Rainbows is respected as private and confidential.

 From Rainbows participants…

"Rainbows is sharing my feelings and being with people who care."

"Rainbows is about new friendships and about sharing with others who have gone through or had similar losses."

"I’m not the only one. Thank you rainbows."

"To explain how I feel, I draw."

"They all have the same feelings, sometimes."

"We get to pass around stories."



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