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“When Life Happens We Will Be There”
Consider S.O.U.L. (Seasons of Our Lives) your extended family.


As brothers and sisters in Christ, we form a Parish Family.  In the Seasons of Our Lives, when one family member is in need, others must help address that need.  S.O.U.L. is comprised of parishioners committed to attending to our family needs at Holy Spirit whether physical or spiritual.

Pope Francis says, “Any real change in a family must start with prayer.”  So we pray for one another using all the various forms of prayer, but the Rosary is the foundation of  S.O.U.L.’s prayer ministry.

“To everything there is a season.”  (Eccl. 3:1).  It is in these seasons that life happens.  S.O.U.L.’s  presence is there for  the physical and spiritual needs that arise at different times of our lives.  

God alone brings us peace.  Through the intercession of our spiritual mother, Mary,  S.O.U.L. prays for God's peace for all of our Parish Family in the Seasons of Our Lives.

“To everything there is a season.” (Eccl. 3:1)


S.O.U.L. is there to assist with physical needs such as:
Home Visits
Handyman Services
Grocery Shopping
Food Pantry (Limited)
Baby Sitters

S.O.U.L. is there to assist with spiritual needs such as:
Promoting the Rosary as Family Prayer
Prayer Companionship
Prayer Chain
Prayer Shawl Companion
Eucharist Adoration
Welcoming New Family Parish Members

S.O.U.L. provides a list of resources for areas most commonly needing assistance such as:
Televised Mass for Homebound
Catholic Channels/Websites
Food Pantries
Job Opportunity
Legal Advice

For more information on this ministry, please contact:
us at soul@holyspiritstamford.org


Holy Family Photo

May our Parish Family be guided by the Holy Family as our role model.

S.O.U.L. Upcoming Events

Please contact our Parish Father for any of the ministry outreach services:
Father Luke Suarez
Church of the Holy Spirit
403 Scofieldtown Road
Stamford, CT 06903
(203) 322‐3722

All inquiries are handled with sensitivity and confidentiality.

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