Phase 2: General Procedures and Guidelines

For all indoor public masses until further notice.

Return to Phase II Covid Opening in Stamford

Stamford has rolled back to Phase II of reopening due to the increase in the positivity test rate of Covid. The town permits religious gatherings to occur at 25% of capacity or 100 people, whatever is the smaller number. We have adjusted the capacity for reservations to reflect this change. Fortunately, this does not drastically affect our parish we are a small parish and our numbers did not significantly increase when we moved to Phase III. 



Bishop Caggiano’s dispensation of our Sunday obligation to attend mass remains in effect.

cross bulletReservations are required to attend indoor public Masses for Saturday Vigil and Sunday.

cross bulletTickets are free and will be available on EventBrite each week.

cross bulletWe will be using every second row of pews. The maximum number of people allowed to be seated in each pew will be 7.  You must abide by the pew markings and the directions of our ushers. This will insure adequate social distancing is observed.

cross bulletThe use of a face mask, that covers both the nose and mouth, by the able faithful is required. Use of a face mask is not required by any person who by using it, will act contrary to his or her health or safety due to a medical condition. A doctor's note must be presented if you are not wearing a face mask.  [see more details regarding masks]

cross bulletBathrooms will be locked and unavailable at all timesindoor mass sign

cross bullet  Ticketing is not necessary to insure safe distancing at public daily masses. We will abide by city maximum capacity of 25% at these and all masses.

cross bullet Public Masses are offered according to our full schedule both daily and on weekends; with attendance limited to insure safe distancing.

cross bullet Our live stream schedule remains unchanged.

cross bullet Full compliance with all directions given by our volunteers is expected in order to insure everyone’s safety.

cross bullet Communion is distributed first to those who choose to receive on the hand. Those receiving on the tongue should wait until after everyone else has received on the hand. more details


Other Safety Measures Include:


There will be no processions up the center aisle.

By Diocesan guidelines the celebrant is prohibited from greeting the faithful before or after mass.

During the offertory there will be no presentation of the gifts

Usher will not collect envelopes. For personal offerings we will continue to use an offertory drop off box that will be in the vestibule before and after mass.

Because singing expels significantly more aerosolized particles than speaking, there will be no singing during mass.

The faithful are not to hold hands during the Lord's Prayer.

The physical sign of peace will be omitted.

The church is cleaned daily and will be sanitized following every mass.

There will be no missals available. You may bring your own missal if you wish to follow the mass.

Paper bulletins will not be distributed.

The kiosk and all pamphlets/handouts will be removed from the vestibule.

Holy water fonts will be empty.

Faithful should maintain social distance and wear masks while entering and exiting the church.

It is acceptable for people walking up to receive Holy Communion to pass by people seated in pews with less than 6 feet of space since this action is brief and does not qualify as prolonged exposure to those involved.

More about the wearing of Face Masks


All lay staff and volunteers will wear face masks at all times except when receiving communion.

All members of the congregation need to wear masks, from the time they leave their cars in the parking lot until the time they return to their cars, with a few exceptions:

a. Children under the age of two should not wear masks.
b. Parents should judge for children between the ages of two and five whether they should wear a mask.
c. All people who claim an exemption for a legitimate health reason (one that does not pose a risk to others) can forego wearing a mask if and only if they can present a doctor's note stating their health precludes them from wearing a mask.
d. The faithful may remove their face masks only when receiving Holy Communion per the guidelines for Holy Communion.

Phase 2 Regular Mass Schedule

Saturday vigil for Sunday
5:15 PM Public Indoor Mass also live-streamed

Sunday 9:30 AM Public Indoor Mass also live-streamed

Sunday 11:30 AM Public indoor Mass

Daily Masses - Public indoor and live streamed M, T, W & F at 7:30AM & Sat at 8:30AM


Parishioners are reminded that if they are feeling ill or have suspicious symptoms, or if in the last two weeks they have knowingly been exposed to Coronavirus, or have returned from one of the states currently requiring quarantine, they should not attend public mass.


Reservations for
Indoor Mass


How to Receive Communion

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