New for 2020-2021


Due to concerns regarding COVID-19 some of the features of our program described below have been temporarily suspended/revised. Please check our Temporary Changes Due To COVID page for details.

We are very excited this year to launch a new program - A Family of Faith from Sophia Institute:

With A Family of Faith, families come together regularly — growing in relationship with one another and learning the truths of the Catholic Faith and how to apply them in their lives. In the parish and at home parents and children have the opportunity to build strong relationships through discussion and reflection on topics that matter in their lives.

The new program will follow the same model we have used these past three years. We will still meet monthly for class with parents in the hall and children in the school.

  • We believe this program is better suited to our community, richer in content, and easier to use than our former curriculum. We are sure you will agree. Some highlights:
    • There are lessons that include beatiful artwork to enhance reflection and understanding
    • each child will receive their own workbook for the full year on day one.
      • easier for you as there are no packets to pick up
      • easier for catechists and parents as everyone will be working from the same book
      • allows children, parents and catechists to look back or ahead to more easily see the bigger picture of the year's theme
    • Parents will receive a parent guide that goes along with their child workbook
      • the parent guide provides additional background information for you
      • the guide specifically labels which activities work best with which grade levels so you can personalize what you do and don't do with your family
      • the guide provides answer keys for the student work pages
    • This curriculum includes suggested monthly family days with fun activities related to the month's lessons. One possible example if we are studying stewardship of God's creation a family hike would be held. We will be offering these (most but not all months) and will open them up to all parish families.
      • greater opportunity for parish families to form relationships regardless of what school their children attend
      • time for families to have some fun while reflecting on the role of Christ in their everyday lives.
  • New Class Times - Our monthly classes will now be 90 minutes long. 10:30 - 12:00. We recognize that this means on that one Sunday each month families will be unable to attend the 11:30 AM Mass but we think the benefits outweigh this small inconvenience.
    • When considering the time it takes to walk the kids over to the school and settle in, our catechists never had a full hour with the children. This longer period will give them more quality instructional time with the children and also allow a more relaxed pace that can do better at encouraging building relationships.
    • Parents have always only received a lecture. The longer time will allow a more creative, interactive learning experience for the parents with time for individual exercises and breakout sessions. This will also help parents to build relationships with each other.

GRADES 6 - 8

  • Class times have been reduced by half an hour. Our Catechists believe they will be able to cover the same ground as they plan to elliminate the break time. This is in response to the many pleas we received that Sunday evenings are often the only time of the week that families have for dinner together. We recognize that this precious family time is also an integral part of the faith formation of your children.
  • All grades will meet in the school. (i.e. we will not be using the white house for any regular classes) This will facillitate building relationships across the grades, simplify drop off and pick up and make cleaning and disinfecting our spaces more managable.

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