Temporary COVID Plans for Fall

Until such time that it is prudent to return to normal Faith Formation will be conducted with the following changes.

Back in June the COVID numbers in CT were excellent and we were right to be optimistic about fall programming. While CT numbers remain good we see many parts of the country are struggling and it is prudent for us to keep current restrictions and not move to the next phase of re-opening. Our original Faith Formation plan was predicated on the assumption that we would have entered the next phase by September which now does not seem likely.
So we have re-designed our planning for Fall which we hope will encourage you to register your children soon. This is not the ideal way to offer formation in the faith for as we know Jesus worked face to face and he built communities. But this will have to do for now and we will move to more gathered experiences for the children as soon as we are able.
For Grades 1-5
  • All instruction will take place at home. There will be no on campus classes for the children. Parents will receive one Parent Guide for the year and each child will receive an activity workbook which will contain all the lessons for the year, even the ones that would be taught by the Catechists.
  • The parent class will still be offered monthly. Only one parent will be allowed to attend. This class will also be livestreamed on our Facebook page for those who wish to participate from home. Comments on Facebook will be monitored live so if you have a question you may ask it.
  • The monthly parent class will end at 11:25 not Noon as we will not be able to offer breakout sessions and socially distance. We will shift to the longer class period when COVID conditions permit us to do so.
  • Catechists will monitor your child’s progress. You will be asked to send them digital copies of their completed workbook pages. The Catechists will be available online to answer questions.
For Middle School
  • Classes will alternate between being held on Zoom and being held in person in Holy Family Hall, where kids can wear masks and each have their own table.
  • We are only offering a 6th and 8th grade class this year.
  • For those students who would be 7th graders parents may choose 1 of two options
    • Repeat 6th grade – they are sure to get more, it would not be totally redundant because the small class size and erratic attendance greatly impeded progress last year. Students who repeat grade six would then go into grade 7 next fall.
    • Skip ahead to 8th grade – this will require additional independent assignments to prepare them to adequately participate in the 8th grade curriculum and to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Expect these assignments to require about 12 hours. They will need to be submitted by September 20. Valerie will review their work and meet with them one on one (Zoom or in person) to discuss their work.
    • Note this also means there will bo no 8th grade class next year. So any child who chooses to home school or receive Faith Formation for 7th grade elsewhere will need to do so again for grade 8 in 2021.
  • Please note, for your child’s online safety, all Zoom classes will be attended by two Virtus certified adults and will be recorded.
Sacrament Prep- Fall 2020 groups
  • First Communion
    • All dates and plans remain as previously published.
    • We are considering offering families the option of having their child receive First Communion at a regular Sunday Mass. Please contact DRE@holyspiritstamford.org if you would be interested.
  • Confirmation
    • All dates and plans remain as previously published except:
    • Sponsors/proxies should not attend the rehearsal on Nov 10.

The Communion and Confirmation ceremonies will be livestreamed on our Facebook. We are looking into possible simulcast into Holy Family Hall.

Sacrament Prep- Spring 2021 groups
  • First Reconciliation & Communion
    • Gathered preparation for First Reconciliation and Communion begins in January. We are hopeful that we will be able to offer these without severe restriction by that time.
  • Confirmation
    • Sept 12 kickoff and Nov 15 Saints Presentation will meet in Holy Family Hall where we will be able to keep appropriate social distancing and masks will be worn.
    • January retreat and winter classes hopefully will go as planned but will be determined as we get closer to those dates.
Children in high risk groups or with high risk family members
  • These children should still be registered and pay full tuition accordingly.
     Contact Valerie to arrange an individualized plan.

Register For Fall Faith Formation

All adults and children over the age of 5 will wear face masks when attending any Faith Formation indoor gatherings - except for those for whom the wearing of a face mask would pose a risk to their personal health.


Any adult or child who is sick, or has symptoms, should NOT attend Faith Formation gatherings.


Any adult or child who has in the last 14 days been exposed to COVID or has returned to CT from one of the states requiring quarantine should NOT attend Faith Formation gatherings.


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