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Each year, we are invited by our bishop to participate in the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) to support the mission of our local church. I have been able not only to see firsthand the good work that is only made possible by the generosity and support of parishioners through the ACA, but I am personally a beneficiary of the ACA.

When I was discerning the vocation to the priesthood, I was fortunate to have been sponsored by the Diocese of Bridgeport to attend major seminary to become a priest. My family would have been unable to financially provide the opportunity for me to study to become a priest. I was able to complete my studies directly because the people of God in the Diocese of Bridgeport supported priestly vocations by contributing to the ACA. I remain eternally grateful, and I hope by the good work I am privileged to provide as your priest to help “give back” what I have been able to receive from your generosity.

I recognize that these times have been difficult for many of our parishioners, the reality of the covid pandemic and lockdowns has caused great financial distress to our community. However, there are some in our community who have been blessed financially during this past tumultuous year. It is a difficult time to ask for financial support, still the needs of the local community are real and I would like to ask as a priest once said... “if you got it, please give it; if you don’t, don’t worry about it.”

Our parish has always been generous in responding to the needs of others, as proven not only in the outpouring of financial support to the parish and diocese in the past but of the many clothing, food and volunteer efforts in support of our local community. Please be assured of my personal gratitude. We should all remember the truth of our faith that God is never to be outdone in His generosity, and that He is the one who promises to repay us for our sacrifices undertaking to support others.

Next weekend, I have asked Andrew, a Bridgeport Diocesan seminarian assigned to Holy Spirit this summer, to share with us his vocation story and to assist conducting our parish in-pew Annual Catholic Appeal weekend. I pray that God will continue to bless our community and the Diocese of Bridgeport following the leadership of Bishop Caggiano, we may indeed “Arise” with Christ, sharing in His ministry serving those who are most in need in our midst.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Luke Suarez

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Fr Suarez
Fr. Luke Suarez,


Andrew LaFleur
Andrew LaFleur,

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