Our Faith Formation Team

  Valerie Byrnes DRE
  Teresa Lash Middle School Coordinator
  Caitlin Hogan Grade 1
  Mary Meyers Grade 2
  Liz Sweeney Grade 2
  Teresa Fritz Grade 3
  Ginny Wong Grade 4
  Maureen DePonte Grade 5
  Ric and Annmarie Anderson Grade 6
  Michael and Melissa Phillips Grade 7
  Father Joseph Gill Grade 8
Assistants and Substitutes
Carmen Bauer Rowe
Lynn Cerrone
Pat Torchen
Karen Pritchard

Sandy Rivera
Mary Mulhern
Brenda ChandraRaj

A catechist is someone who lets the Word of God echo or resound through his or her life. Catechists do more than simply “teach” religion; they share their faith and help young people learn how to apply and live their faith.


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