Altar Servers

Any boy or girl in the 3rd grade or older is eligible to participate as an altar server at liturgies in our parish after completing an introductory overview and training program.  Once the training has been completed the altar servers are placed on a monthly schedule. 

Speak to Deacon Paul or Monsignor Royal if you would like to be trained or have your child trained to serve on the altar.

Or you may email or call the rectory at (203) 322-3722

Or you may fill out our Online Volunteer Form

Altar Servers Schedule Through March 2015 as of 12/11/14


Date 2014 Sat 5:15 Sun 7:30 Sun 9:30 Sun 11:30
Nov 1+2 B Murphy S Hillenmeyer M McAndrew J Lombardi
  D Stevens   S Meyers + R Sluga K Ventura+ E Holmes
Nov 8+9 K Garry M DiGiacomo R+M ChandraRaj G+C+L Colegrave
  C Clarke   M Bauer-Rowe  
Nov 15+16 J+J Salce R Sluga D+S Brice D Stevens
  S Bradley   M OShea  
Nov 22+23 B Murphy D+E Crawford J+R Mensah E+N Pritchard
  A Orr      
Nov 29+30 K Garry E Holmes A+I Nuzzo J+N Lombardi
  C Clarke   R Sluga K Ventura
Dec 6+7 J+J Salce S Hillenmeyer M McAndrew G+C+L Colegrave
  S Bradley   M Bauer-Rowe  
Dec 13+14 B Murphy M DiGiacomo R+M ChandraRaj N+J Lombardi
  D Stevens   M Bauer-Rowe E Holmes
Dec 20+21 K Garry R Sluga D+S Brice E+N Pritchard
  C Clarke G Phillips M OShea C Madden
Dec 27+28 J+J Salce C Clarke M DiGiacomo D Stevens
  S Bradley   J+R Mensah K Ventura
Jan 3+4 B Murphy S Hillenmeyer A+I Nuzzo G+C+L Colegrave
  A Orr G Phillips    
Date 2015 Sat 5:15 Sun 7:30 Sun 9:30 Sun 11:30
Jan 10+11 K Garry M DiGiacomo M McAndrew N+J Lombardi
  C Clarke   R Sluga E Holmes
  S Salazar-Ortiz      
Jan 17+18 J+J Salce M Bauer-Rowe R+M ChandraRaj E+N Pritchard
  S Bradley G Phillips   C Madden
Jan 24+25 B Murphy E Holmes D+S Brice N+J Lombardi
  D Stevens   M OShea K Ventura
Jan 31+Feb 1 K Garry + C Clarke S Hillenmeyer M DiGiacomo G+C+L Colegrave
  S Salazar-Ortiz G Phillips J+R Mensah  
Feb 7+8 J+J Salce M DiGiacomo A+I Nuzzo A Orr
  S Bradley   R Sluga E Holmes
Feb 14+15 B Murphy C Clarke M McAndrew E+N Pritchard
  A Orr G Phillips M O’Shea C Madden
Feb 21+22 K Garry + C Clarke R Sluga R+M ChandraRaj D Stevens
  S Salazar-Ortiz   M Bauer-Rowe K Ventura
Feb 28+Mar 1 J+J Salce S Hillenmeyer D+S Brice G+C+L Colegrave
  S Bradley G Phillips    
Mar 7 + 8 B Murphy M Bauer-Rowe M DiGiacomo N+J Lombardi
  A Orr   J+R Mensah E Holmes
Date 2015 Sat 5:15 Sun 7:30 Sun 9:30 Sun 11:30
Mar 14-15 K Garry + C Clarke E Holmes A+I Nuzzo E+N Pritchard
  S Salazar-Ortiz G Phillips R Sluga C Madden
Mar 21+22 J+J Salce C Clarke M McAndrew D Stevens
  S Bradley   S Meyers K Ventura
Mar 28+29 B Murphy S Hillenmeyer R+M ChandraRaj G+C+L Colegrave
  A Orr G Phillips M Bauer-Rowe  



  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the mass for which you are scheduled.
  • If you are unable to serve at the mass assigned to you, please be sure to arrange for your substitute.
  • If you arrive at a mass and there are no servers standing at the sacristy, please come back and ask to serve.



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Online Giving

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