Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Ministers are assigned to all Masses.  They assist Father in the distribution of the Blessed Sacrament.  There are ministers who visit weekly and distribute The Holy Eucharist at the Scofield Manor prayer service and Mass at The Smith House. Monsignor Royal selects parishioners personally to serve in this role. Let him know if you are interested.


For current EMHCs

According to the new Liturgical Norms EMHCs must complete formation with the Diocesan Leadership Institute.

You should have received an email welcoming you to the Institute and inviting you to begin your formation. If you have not please let Kathy King know.

You will do online training from the Diocesan Leadership Institute and attend one of the parish meetings.

Our meeting is Tuesday Jan 22,  at 7:30PM led by Patrick Donovan from the Leadership Institute.

Msgr Royal prefers that you attend our session on the 22nd, but in the event of bad weather or of a scheduling conflict attend one of the alternate sites.

Attending one of the meetings within the diocese is mandatory to be grandfathered in as an EMHC.

More details and the list of all meetings within the dioceses can be found at:


You also should be working on the on-line modules in preparation for the meeting. Completion of the modules is not necessary for attending the meeting.



  Lector/EM Lector/EM Lector/EM Lector/EM  
Saturday 1/5/19 1/12/19 1/19/19 1/26/19  
5:15 PM M. SanFilippo/R Valnti Smith/Willey Surgot/DePonte Darois/Salce  
Sunday 1/6/19 1/13/19 1/20/19 1/27/19  
7:30 AM Curley/Cerrone DeMain/Denkus Hogan/King Phillips/Torchen  
9:30 AM Glinka/Sweeney Liscek/LaValle Macari/Bria Glinka/Klassens  
11:30 AM O'Leary/B Pinard Borba/Shea Dastoli/B /Stevens Howard/Bauer-Rowe  
Saturday 2/2/19 2/9/19 2/16/19 2/23/19  
5:15 PM M. SanFilippo/Stevens Smith/M Valenti Surgot/R Valenti Darois/Willey  
Sunday 2/3/19 2/10/19 2/17/19 2/24/19  
7:30 AM J SanFilippo/E Valenti Sass/Cerrone Cearley/King Curley/Torchen  
9:30 AM Liscek/Rivera Macari/Sweeney Glinka/LaValle Liscek/Bria  
11:30 AM Keon/King Loglisci/DiGiacomo Mariska/L or T Molem Keon/B Pinard  
Saturday 3/2/19 ASH WEDNESDAY 3/6 3/9/19 3/16/19  
5:15 PM M SanFilippo/DePonte 7:30AM Surgot/King Smith/Salce Surgot/Stevens  
Sunday 3/3/19 NOON (ashes) 3/10/19 3/17/19  
7:30 AM DeMain/E Valenti 5:15PM (mass) Hogan/Cerrone Phillips/Denkus  
9:30 AM Macari/Klassens 7:30PM (ashes) Glinka/Lombardi Liscek/Rivera  
11:30 AM O'Leary/Shea   Borba/B Stevens Dastoli/Bauer-Rowe  
Saturday 3/23/19 3/30/19 4/6/19 PALM VIGIL 4/13/19 PALM SUNDAY4/13/19
5:15 PM Darois/M Valenti SanFilippo/R Valenti Smith/Willey    
Sunday 3/24/19 3/31/19 4/7/19    
7:30 AM J SanFilippo/King Sass/Torchen Cearley/E Valenti    
9:30 AM Macari/Sweeney Smith/LaValle Glinka/Bria    
11:30 AM Howard/Butler Loglisci/DiGiacomo Mariska/L or T Moeln    
  7:30PM 3:00PM 8:00PM 7:30 AM  
    7:00PM   9:30 AM  
        11:30 AM  

Schedule Coordinator

Kathy King

If you are not able to adhere to the schedule, please make arrangements for a substitute from the list. 

Thank you for your service to Holy Spirit Parish…it is greatly appreciated.


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