Eucharistic Adoration

Our parish is fortunate to have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on the first Friday of each month from 12:00-3:00pm.

The Lord invites you to come anytime, for any length of time for the special devotion. It
is a time of quiet with Him in personal adoration, prayer and meditation.
In order to ensure that we have two people with the Blessed Sacrament at all times, we invite parishioners to sign up for the same time each month.

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The Many Benefits of Eucharistic Adoration

  • The only time our Lord asked the Apostles for anything was the night He went into agony. Not for activity did He plead but for an Hour of companionship (Archbishop Fulton Sheen).
  • Perpetual Adoration extends its influence far beyond the individual adorers, touching their homes and families and reaching out to the parish community and beyond (Pope Paul VI).
  • Each time you approach the Blessed Sacrament remember that Jesus has been waiting for you for twenty centuries for this personal visit from you (St. Josemaria Escriba).
  • The future belongs to those who worship God in silence (Saint John Paul II).
  • During our Holy Hour our souls are fed in two faculties of the spirit—the Mind and the Will. In the Mind we need light; in the Will we need strength (Father John Hardon).
  • A Holy Hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament is worth more than a thousand years of human glory (Saint Padre Pio).
  • The Holy Hour becomes like an oxygen tank to revive the breath of the Holy Spirit in the midst of the foul and fetid atmosphere of the world (Archbishop Fulton Sheen).

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The following is from “Why Eucharistic Adoration” written by Father Robert Goedert, O.P.:

“Spending time with Jesus in adoration should not strike us as unusual. It is really a very natural human activity. When two people love each other, they want to spend time together to visit, to get to know each other better. You cannot love someone you do not know. Adoration of our Lord in the Eucharist is your chance to know Jesus better. One of the best aspects of Eucharistic Adoration is this: how you spend your time with Jesus is entirely up to
you. There is no one preaching to you, reading to you, telling you when to stand, sit, kneel, sing or whatever. You are on your own. In most adoration chapels there are books available, some holy hour books, to help you get started if you need them. Most of us do at times but
you’re basically on your own. You spend your time with Jesus any way you want. You can pray your Rosary, you can read your Bible, or you can do some other spiritual reading. But I always say: remember, you are there to visit with your friend, Jesus. Talk with Him; tell
Him your problems, your needs or your concerns. Tell Him about your joys, too. Chances are He doesn’t hear about those very often! Sometimes I think all Jesus hears from a lot of us is the complaints and the “gimmes”. Lord, gimme this and Lord gimme that. But most important, is to stop and listen, let Jesus do some of the talking. He’s been waiting for a chance to visit with you, but your life is so busy with work, family and school, your line is always busy. Jesus can’t get through to you. It’s time to give yourself a break. Take a little time out for a private visit with your best friend, Jesus. The whole purpose of our human existence is to live forever with the Blessed Trinity in heaven, to enjoy forever, the victory of Jesus over sin and death. We get a foretaste of that eternal happiness and peace when we visit and adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.”


Heart, Soul and Mind

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