March for Life & MLK Day

This Friday is the annual March for Life in Washington, and the following Monday is Martin Luther King Day. They are deeply connected. Dr. King’s Christian faith moved him to public and political involvement, but now Pro-life Christians are told that our religious beliefs cannot have a place in public and political discourse. Never mind that the best science agrees that a unique unrepeatable human life begins at conception. So we reprint from 2016 related articles from related persons. The first is a 1954 sermon of Rev. King’s. The second is from his niece, Dr. Alveda King, who works for Priests for Life because of their conviction that “the fight for all human life, from conception until natural death, is the most pressing civil rights and human rights issue of our time.” ( Comments shouted out from the congregation during Rev. King’s sermon are in parentheses.

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Rediscovering Lost Values

“History will record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of bad people, but the appalling silence of the good….”

                                    - Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr


There is something wrong with our world, something fundamentally and basically wrong. I don’t think we have to look too far to see that. I’m sure that most of you would agree with me in making that assertion. When we stop to analyze the cause…many things come to mind.


We wonder if it is due to the fact that we don’t know enough. But it can’t be that. Because in accumulated knowledge we know more today than men have known in any period of history….We know more about science, mathematics, social science, and philosophy than we’ve ever known….So it can’t be that we don’t know enough. ….I think we have to look much deeper than that if we are to find the real cause of man’s problems and the real cause of the world’s ills today. If we are to really find it I think we will have to look in the hearts and souls of men.


The trouble isn’t that we don’t know enough, but that we aren’t good enough. The trouble isn’t so much that our scientific genius lags behind, but our moral genius lags behind. The problem facing us is that the means by which we live have outdistanced the spiritual ends for which we live. (That’s right) So we find ourselves caught in a messed up world. The problem is with man himself and man’s soul. We haven’t learned how to be just and honest and true and loving. The real problem is that through our scientific genius we’ve made the world a neighborhood, but through our moral and spiritual genius we’ve failed to make of it a brotherhood.


My friends, all I’m trying to say is that if we are to go forward today, we’ve got to go back and rediscover some mighty precious values that we’ve left behind….The only way we can do it is to go back (Yes) and rediscover some mighty precious values that we’ve left behind.


Sometimes it’s necessary to go backward in order to go forward. (Yes) That’s an analogy of life. I remember the other day I was driving from New York City to Boston, and I stopped in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to visit friends. I went out of New York on a highway known as the Merritt Parkway, it leads to Boston, a very fine parkway. I stopped in Bridgeport, and after being there for two or three hours I decided to go on to Boston, and wanted to get back on the Merritt Parkway. I went out thinking that I was going toward the Parkway. I started out, and I rode, and I kept riding, and I looked up and I saw a sign saying 2 miles to a little town that I knew I was to bypass….So I was on the wrong road. I stopped and asked a gentleman how to get to the Merritt Parkway. He said, “The Parkway is about 12 or 15 miles back that way. You’ve got to turn around and go back.” In other words, before I could go forward to Boston, I had to go back about 12 or 15 miles to get to the Merritt Parkway. May it not be that modern man has gotten on the wrong parkway? And if he is to go forward to the city of salvation, he’s got to go back and get on the right parkway. (Amen)


Now that’s what we’ve got to do in our world today. We’ve left a lot of precious values behind; we’ve lost a lot of precious values. And if we are to go forward, we’ve got to go back. We’ve got to rediscover these precious values that we’ve left behind.


First is this: that all reality hinges on moral foundations. In other words, this is a moral universe. There are moral laws of the universe just as abiding as physical laws. (Lord help us) I’m not so sure we believe that. We never doubt that there are physical laws of the universe that we must obey. We never doubt that. And so we just don’t jump out of airplanes or jump off of high buildings for the fun of it. Because we unconsciously know that there is a law of gravitation, and if you disobey it you’ll suffer the consequences—we know that….But I’m not so sure we know there are moral laws just as abiding as the physical law….I’m not so sure if we really believe that there is a law of love in this universe, and that if you disobey it you’ll suffer the consequences. (Yes) I’m not so sure if we really believe that. Now at least two things convince me we don’t believe that, that we have strayed away from the principle that this is a moral universe. (Lord help him)


We have adopted in today’s world a sort of a relativistic ethic. I’m not trying to use a big word here; I’m trying to say something very concrete. That we have accepted the attitude that right and wrong are merely relative. But I’m here to say to you this morning that some things are right and some things are wrong. (Yes) Eternally so, absolutely so….Some things in this universe are absolute. The God of the universe has made it so. And so long as we adopt this relative attitude toward right and wrong, we’re revolting against the very laws of God himself. (Amen)


Friends, that attitude is destroying the soul of our culture. It’s destroying our nation. (Oh yes) The thing that we need in the world today is men and women who will stand up for right and to be opposed to wrong, wherever it is. (Lord have mercy) A group of people who have come to see that some things are wrong and some things are right, whether nobody sees you doing them or not.


All I’m trying to say to you is (Have mercy, my God) that our world hinges on moral foundations. God has made it so….It’s not enough to know the intricacies of zoology and biology. (Well) It is not enough to know that two and two makes four, but we’ve got to know somehow that it’s right to be honest and just with our brothers. (Yes)…If we don’t learn it, we will destroy ourselves (That’s right) by the misuse of our own powers. (Amen)


This universe hinges on moral foundations….This is a law-abiding universe. (Amen) This is a moral universe. It hinges on moral foundations. If we are to make of this a better world, we’ve got to go back and rediscover that precious value that we’ve left behind. (Yes)


I’m not going to put my ultimate faith in the little gods that can be destroyed in an atomic age, but the God who has been our help in ages past, (Come on) and our hope for years to come, (All right) and our shelter in the time of storm, (Oh yes) and our eternal home. That’s the God that I’m putting my ultimate faith in. (Oh yes) That’s the God that I call upon you to worship this morning. (Yes)….the God of the universe, the God that will last through the ages. If we are to go forward this morning, we’ve got to go back and find that God. That’s the God that demands and commands our ultimate allegiance. (Right)


If we are to go forward, (Oh yes) we must go back and rediscover these precious values: that all reality hinges on moral foundations (Lord have mercy) and that all reality has spiritual control. God bless you. (Amen)

King’s Niece: My Uncle Would be Pro-Life

Dr. King’s, niece Alevda King, says her uncle would be pro-life and battle against abortion if he were alive today. A leader in the Civil Right’s movement, King sees the pro-life cause as part of the Civil Rights movement in which her uncle was so prominent. She called him “a man of great compassion and non-violence,” who said, ‘The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.’” King said her uncle would understand that to include the destruction of unborn children. “I know in my heart that if Uncle Martin were alive today, he would join with me in the greatest civil rights struggle of this generation – the recognition of the unborn child’s basic right to life.”


“Uncle Martin would agree that we cannot end poverty or suffering by killing those who might suffer. We cannot claim to guarantee equal rights if we deny the rights of the helpless. And we cannot feign ignorance of the fact that those who are torn apart, crushed, or left to die on an abortionist’s table are as human as we are.”“My uncle said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” She continued. “Abortion is genocide. It’s killing populations. It’s killing generations and certainly the population that is most impacted by abortion in America is the black community. As a civil rights leader I have responsibility to proclaim that black Americans are being exterminated by genocidal acts of abortion.”


 Alveda King, a proud mother of six and grandmother of six – had two abortions.  “I had two abortions and a miscarriage due to the resulting damage,” King said. “I realized I was violating the civil rights of a person. When I had my abortions, we were told that it was a blob of tissue and not a person. The great irony is that abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of… Roughly one quarter of the black population is now missing.”


Naomi King, mother of Alveda, is also a crusader in the battle to save African-American babies from abortion. King’s commitment to life began when she changed her mind about aborting her daughter. “My father-in-law, Martin Luther King Sr., told me he had a vision of my child and he wanted to meet the baby girl in his vision.” “My mother is a woman of courage, commitment, compassion and indomitable strength,” Alveda King responds. “I am so proud to be her daughter.”


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