Heart, Soul and Mind

December 2018

Dec 29

New Year's Resolutions

This is the time of New Year’s Resolutions kept, broken, or forgotten. Here are two helpful and substantive approaches to truly living better in Christ in 2018. It’s a reprint from our bulletin in 2015 + + + Pope Francis’ Suggested New Year’s Resolutions VATICAN CITY (CNS/Paul Haring) - When Pope Francis met...
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Dec 15

How to keep preparing for Christmas?

We always bemoan the commercialization of Christmas (earlier and earlier each year), and harp on using Advent to prepare for Christmas. Well, what exactly does that mean? The following article is helpful, certainly not all there is to say, but helpful nonetheless. Clearly the most important thing is to be in some moments of silence, knowing that...
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Dec 1

Entering Advent

Ask the man or woman on the street when the New Year begins and you will get January 1. Ask a parent when the school year begins and you will get the date. Ask hardcore baseball fans when the new year begins and you will be told exactly when pitchers and catchers report. Ask when the church year begins and….? The Church Year begins the...
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