Heart, Soul and Mind

January 2019

Jan 26

Why Catholic Education Still Matters

January 27 begins Catholic Schools Week. It’s a good time for us to reflect on our thoughts about education. In the U.S. more and more academic experiences are ideaologically driven or geared toward getting a job (a very good goal to be sure). But there are critical questions for the Catholic disciple of Jesus: What kind of a worker will I...
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Jan 19

Football & Faith

With the NFL playoffs in full swing, here’s an interview with L. A. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. Though he lost to the Patriots last week, his witness to his Catholic Faith and Family are powerful. It’s from LifeTeen.com + + + Football & Faith: An Interview with Philip Rivers What does a typical day look like for...
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Jan 12

March for Life & MLK Day

This Friday is the annual March for Life in Washington, and the following Monday is Martin Luther King Day. They are deeply connected. Dr. King’s Christian faith moved him to public and political involvement, but now Pro-life Christians are told that our religious beliefs cannot have a place in public and political discourse. Never mind...
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Jan 5

Mary, Mother of God

Mary, Mother of God By Father William Saunders I was visiting  an inner-city Church one day and in the vestibule some graffiti was written on the wall which said, “Catholics, God has no mother,” obviously referring to Mary’s title as “Mother of God.” How does one respond to such an objection? — A...
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